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© Copyright 2016, Charles Victor Tucker III (Chongo), All rights reserved.
PURPOSE OF chongonation.org
Welcome to chongonation.org, the free learning web site based in physical epistemology* (and in nothing else).

Chongonation.org provides to anyone of any age, capable of reading and understading the subject matter, easy opportunity to discover the principles underlying natural truth, through an internet structure providing access to a modern, up-to-date, genuinely science-based understanding of the world, that is to say, the real world, as it truly is, physically.

There presently exists an enormous gap between actual, modern, scientific understanding of the world, and what is often the common, widepread, archaic misunderstanding of what is instead, ordinarily and misleadingly regarded as being so. Nothing could be further from the truth, than most, if not all, of these common misunderstandings about science and nature that are mistakenly regarded as truth, when they are absolutely untrue instead. Common misunderstanding very often represents the exact opposite of the factual, physical truths about nature as well as the natural science that can irrefutably demonstrate in its claims of how nature, in actual, physical fact, truly does work through the enormous capacity for precise and accurate prediction.

Understanding of the world has become a progressively deeper and more demanding challenge with the enormouse strides being made in scientific technology, coupled with an educational system that is antiquated, ineffective, and, most significantly, politically corrupted in nearly every place on Earth. This has created a spreading ignorance that is incapable of appreciating the benefits of a secularly educated society, a society that exposes all dogmatic doctrine for what it is, useful only to create the backward ignorance of times that can now be most easily avoided.

This gap between the few who are educated in actual physical fact and the vast majority of people who are not has created the potential, if not the certainty, of an ever widening gap between those who are armed with useful understanding of the world and those who lack it, or worst, those equiped with misunderstandings based upon their incorrect and thus at best limited understanding of the world, believing otherwise, and thus failing to realize the inevitable and ultimate consequences of their folly, all the while certain that their views alone warrant imposing them upon others. This inescapably yields a society that cannot avoid fostering a corresponding inequity that now so threatens the liberties existing in what still remains secular, in our now religiously antagonistic society, and the diminished values, hopes, and liberties that dogmatic forces universally and unyieldingly impose in such a struggle. Dogma and its mystery have been a perpetual enemy to liberty and enlightenment.

The consequences of the widening of this gap between those who possess accurate understanding and those who do not can be seen everywhere across the world, especially in the exagerated and noticeable inequity of the distribution of wealth now abundant in all corners and its continued exaggeration as inequity and its outcomes become more and more commonplace as competition to escape this growing inequity continues to progressively amplify; as it is surely to not cease doing, until this inequity itself begins to diminish so that hope can exist that the inequity that so oppresses the hopes of so many may someday actually cease. A far greatly more educated public is required if we are to retain any semblance at all of our rare and precious liberty in the process.

This inequity poses great danger to what should, given the astounding rate of scientific discovery and its refinement, otherwise be a future rich with opportunity for all. By so much inequity existing in simple human understanding of how the world in actual, physical fact really does work, it will be a world that for many will be empty of hope, and so absent of a reason to care about it as well. This is the price that all pay for the inequity that a lack of value for understanding can create. (This is especially true when this very inequity is fostered and indeed encouraged, albeit often seemingly indirectly, by the most powerful cultural institutions their selves.)

This web site serves to foster the opportunity to reduce the inequity existing in the ability to acquire a foundation for learning by making available to those to whom it probably would not be available, access to the best and latest understandings of science and the remarkable thought and thinkers that have, do, and always will create the innovation upon which imrovement can be based.

The purpose of chongonation.org is to make available the information that one needs to bridge the gap between epistemelogical fact along with the critical thinking that is its basis (e.g. science), and common, widespread, misunderstanding of what everyone should -- and in our progressivsely modern world, absolutely NEEDS -- very much to know, in order to keep our world as bitchin as it can be, which is a task requiring hard thought and equally hard study, both of which are hard work, and probably unending too -- thereby providing purpose that likewise is.

* - To the exclusion of any other percieved forms of epistemology lacking physical content or meaning.

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© Copyright 2016, Charles Victor Tucker III (Chongo), All rights reserved.